HP Refurbished Desktop: ProDesk 600, FAST Intel i5 Processor, 8 GB RAM, BRAND NEW 256 GB SSD



Item #00XVQ

HP ProDesk 600 Desktop Computer

Intel Core i5 @ 3.20 GHz

8 GB Memory

512 GB New SSD Hard Drive

Includes Keyboard, Mouse, CPU

Monitor Sold Separately


Item #00XVQ

Refurbished Desktop

HP ProDesk 600 :  Intel i5 Processor, 8 GB RAM, New 256 GB SSD

SRP: 459.99  On Sale For: 409.99

~ Refurbished ~
10 Pro 64-bit
Intel Core i5 @ 3.20 GHz
8 GB Memory
512 GB New SSD Hard Drive
Sound ~ On Board
DVD +/- RW
VGA & 2 Display Ports
Small Form Factor PC
Includes Keyboard, Mouse, CPU
Monitor Sold Separately


Don’t forget to add the Software Plan to your purchase!


Used vs Refurbished: What Do They Mean?

Used and Refurbished are similar and yet very different.

Both were purchased and used by someone else. That is where the similarities end.

Unless you buy a used computer from friends or family, you are likely to know very little about the seller. You have no idea whether they are a genuine seller, or someone trying to make some money from a pile of junk.

When you buy a used computer, you are purchasing a computer that has not been gone through testing to see if there are serious hardware issues. The seller does not guarantee the full functionality of the computer, or a lack of major hardware issues such as a bad hard drive, or overheating problems, or complete functioning of all features of the computer.

Used computers typically come with “As Is” conditions and a “no return policy”. Once the used computer has been sold, the seller’s responsibility and liability end. If it breaks down the moment you turn it on, you’re bang out of luck. Pawn shops are typical places where “As Is” Used computers are sold, with a no money back policy.

With a used computer, whatever is loaded on the computer is what you get. The previous owner may have mistakenly downloaded malware or viruses still on the computer. You have no assurances that the used computer is safe and clean of any infectants or key stroke capturing software.

If you’re buying a used computer, you are very unlikely to receive any kind of warranty or support. You can’t ring them up and ask for help with a computer problem; whether it is hardware or software.

Refurbished computers are very different

A Refurbished computer is one that has been previously owned, but has gone through renovations, and rigorous testing the ensure full functionality.

To start with, at SunGeek we have a minimum standard for the processor, memory, and hard drive. The refurbished computer has to be a certain caliber of machine before we put it up for sale. The refurbished computer also has a minimum amount of memory, as well as a brand new Solid State Hard Drive (SSD). The SSD comes with a manufacturer warranty that ranges from 3 to 5 years.

SunGeek refurbished computers have been freshly loaded with a new copy of the operating system, along with the essential programs the average user needs to function. After it is loaded, the computer is thoroughly tested to find and repair any potential problems, and then run under rigorous stress tests to ensure pc reliability and load function.

With a refurbished computer, we offer a warranty that covers hardware issues, which means that if anything goes wrong, you’re covered.

Refurbished computers are more likely to look newer, work better, and offer warranties and support. So it’s not surprising that you’re likely to pay a little more for a refurbished computer than you are for a used one.

Looking for a Refurbished Desktop or Laptop?
Now you’ve compared used to refurbished, you may be looking to buy. We’re here to help. We sell laptops, desktops, and monitors.


Software Plan
What is the SunGeek Software Plan?
When you purchase a computer from SunGeek.com Computers, the Software Plan is an add-on assurance for help!

The Software Plan is an affordable way to get your computer serviced, in case you get a virus or something goes wrong. The Software Plan is only available when you purchase a computer from SunGeek.com computers. The Software Plan provides you with the following:

  • A paid 1 year subscription of an Antivirus product
  • Three In-Store Repairs: could be used for a full cleanup, software adjustments, or virus removal
  • ​PLUS Free Data Transfer from old computer to purchased computer

The Software Plan is good up to a year from the computer purchase date.


Would you like SunGeek to refurbish your computer?
We can do the same thing to your computer. We can clean it up, upgrade the memory, install a new solid state hard drive, and bring your operating system current, as well as do a full cleanup and virus/malware/bloatware removal. In most cases, we can even “clone” your hard drive to a brand new solid state hard drive so you keep your computer exactly as you had it, only with a new faster hard drive.